Georgia's Old Capital
Heritage Center

at the Depot

Georgia’s Old Capital Heritage Center strives to help people understand and appreciate the value of historic preservation. Whether our historic buildings, places, or stories, these are all irreplaceable and continue to inform modern life in Milledgeville.


'Fast Fading' - A History of Central State Hospital

Fast Fading, a History of Central State Hospital is the first exhibit to open at our new location on the old Central State Hospital campus. Curator and local photographer Jessica Whitehead demonstrates a unique ability to combine history – the collection of pictures, artifacts, equipment, personal items, client art, and a CSH Documentary- with place. The exhibit is now also home to Seeking Asylum photography exhibit.

Seeking Asylum began with a focus on capturing the decaying buildings of what was once the world’s largest insane asylum. These photos serve as a poignant and artistic representation of the state of mental health treatment in this country. Seeking Asylum is proud to share a
home with Fast Fading, a History of Central State Hospital.

Seeking Asylum LLC, owned by award-winning photographer, Jessica Whitehead, features a multifaceted array of photographs available for
viewing on her website.

Open Saturdays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and weekdays by appointment


'If you want to be remembered, do something memorable.'

What better way to do something memorable than to help preserve Milledgeville’s history with your support of Georgia’s Old Capital Heritage Center at The Depot, Inc. The Heritage Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that owns and operates three historic properties: the 1825 Brown-Stetson-Sanford House in Milledgeville’s Downtown Historic District, The Just Imagine Cottage with offices and meeting rooms adjacent to The Depot on the campus of the former Central State Hospital campus, and The Depot, future home of the Heritage Center and exhibits on the history of this area, a café, bookstore, theater, open-air community stage, and STEAM summer classes.

GOCHC is supported entirely by memberships, donations, fundraisers, and grants. Your donation enables us to “Tell the Stories” and keep Milledgeville history alive for generations to come.